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CDL was founded in 1991, when Christian Chabot joined forces with his brothers Jean-Marie and Yvan to take over the maple syrup division of IPL Inc., a leader in the Canadian plastics industry located in Saint-Damien de Buckland, QC.

The brothers sought to expand and develop the company by acquiring other companies that specialized in the manufacturing of stainless steel evaporators and maple sap basins. They subsequently opened several distribution centres to market their extensive product lines. CDL now has 25 regional corporate stores in Canada and another 15 in the United States.

In 2020, CDL started forging links overseas, partnering with a French distributor to open its first birch sap branch in Europe. CDL’s knowledge and expertise in maple syrup production have allowed it to launch promising projects for the sap division, such as the Forest Farmer project in Vermont and the Château de Chambord project in France.


The Chabot family (majority owner of CDL) has also been producing maple syrup for five generations. The brothers and their father are maple syrup producers themselves and own a 70,000-tap sugar bush in Armagh, Quebec. For nearly 50 years, the family sugar bush has served as a testing ground for new CDL products. It’s also a place where the family gathers regularly to renew their passion for the profession and prepare the next generation to take over.


The entire CDL team has been passionate about maple syrup for generations. Jean-Marie Chabot, an engineer and one of the founders of CDL, was a pioneer in the manufacture and use of tubing systems for harvesting maple sap. He never stopped innovating, and today a whole team of experts is following in his footsteps.

For CDL, it was only natural to apply this expertise to other plant waters. After all, like maple water, other plant waters have an arsenal of purported health benefits, and CDL wanted its customers to benefit from them. Birch sap, in particular, has multiple benefits. Whether it’s transformed into syrup like maple, or left in its natural state, it’s a great choice in the kitchen or as a healthy drink.

CDL is attentive to its customers’ needs and remains a company guided by a family culture of trust, friendliness, and pride in its work. CDL, a presence serving the industry. The CDL Way. The power of expertise.

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