Tree water

What is tree water?

As the name implies, tree water is a liquid obtained from trees. But what else? We all know that water is essential for life. What about tree water? Why extract it? How do you consume it? What are its benefits?

You might think that tree waters are a recent health fad. In reality, though, people have been consuming them for centuries, mainly in Canada, but also in Eastern Europe. That said, they have become considerably more popular lately, with the market growing more than 40% since 2016.

They’re becoming a grocery store staple as people recognize their many virtues.

For example, maple water is a favourite among athletes because it’s full of antioxidants. Its slightly sweet taste also means it can be drunk chilled. You can even cook with it—it makes a great addition to sauces.

Birch sap is also widely used for its health benefits. Learn more about the benefits of birch sap.

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