The benefits of birch sap

Many people are familiar with the idea of tapping maple trees, but they probably don’t know as much about tapping birch trees. However, Western Europeans have been harvesting it since the 12th century!

Birch water is usually harvested later in the season than maple water; it’s generally collected in the spring, just before the leaves emerge on the trees.

In the 12th century, birch water was thought to treat ulcers and kidney stones. Nowadays, it’s mainly used as a detoxification treatment. Birch sap is said to have purifying virtues, especially since it contains a wide variety of minerals and trace elements (copper, potassium, cobalt, phosphorus, magnesium, etc.). For that reason, many enjoy it as an energy drink or as part of a detox regime. In addition to quenching thirst and being tasty, this drink is believed to eliminate toxins from the body

Some people also drink it at the change of seasons, as they feel that its diuretic and cleansing effect helps them face the new season ahead. However, most choose birch water for its detoxifying properties.

It’s also said to help prepare the body for weight loss, including by simulating the metabolism and combating water retention and cellulite..


Many consumers use birch water to relieve pain from osteoarthritis. Whether it’s drunk or applied to the skin as an ice cube, it’s said to soften, firm, tone and revitalize skin.

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