Birch sap benefits

Less known than maple sap, birch sap nevertheless offers exceptional virtues. It was discovered around the 12th century, especially in the Nordic countries. Considered as a real natural elixir, it is talked about because of its particularly interesting characteristics. Birch sap is harvested at the end of winter, before the first leaves appear. It is consumed freshly harvested. Moreover, it is quite possible to preserve the birch sap between 6 and 7 weeks under a temperature ranging between 4 and 6 °C. But what is the interest of consuming birch sap ? What are the side effects of birch sap ? Does it have any benefits ?

In the 12th century, birch water was thought to treat ulcers and kidney stones. Nowadays, it’s mainly used as a detoxification treatment. Birch sap is said to have purifying virtues, especially since it contains a wide variety of minerals and trace elements (copper, potassium, cobalt, phosphorus, magnesium, etc.). For that reason, many enjoy it as an energy drink or as part of a detox regime. In addition to quenching thirst and being tasty, this drink is believed to eliminate toxins from the body

Birch tree sap health benefits

Birch sap is classified as a spring elixir. It provides many health benefits. It is also possible to make a cure of birch sap.

Detoxifying property of birch sap

Birch sap is a great ally for a detox program. It allows draining the kidneys, the liver, the lungs, the skin and the blood. In other words, it helps eliminate all the toxins accumulated during winter. Thanks to its richness in minerals and trace elements, birch sap does not tire. Moreover, it is known for its stimulating properties.

Remineralizing property of birch sap

As stated above, birch water is known for its high mineral and vitamin content. Thus, it acts on the joints and strengthens the muscles, which makes it a perfect ingredient for athletes. It is also ideal for seniors and people in convalescence.

Slimming and beauty properties of birch sap

Birch sap can also help in weight loss. Indeed, its detoxifying property allows cleaning the liver. Consisting of 99% of water, it allows draining your body and to effectively eliminate cellulitis.

Birch water can also be used to treat capillary problems. It helps moisturize the scalp and eliminate dandruff. If you are prone to acne or skin sensitivity, try a birch sap treatment.

Anti-inflammatory property of birch sap

Birch sap is known for its impressive anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it facilitates the healing process. It can even help people suffering from health problems such as gout or others. Some even claim that it is effective against hangovers !

Birch water and osteoarthritis : many consumers use birch water to relieve pain from osteoarthritis. Whether it’s drunk or applied to the skin as an ice cube, it’s said to soften, firm, tone and revitalize skin.

What does birch sap contain ?

Birch sap is a real concentrate of vitamins: A, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12, C, D3, E and K1. It also contains a long list of minerals :

  • Magnesium: to fight against depression ;
  • Potassium: to improve blood circulation ;
  • Calcium: to strengthen the bones ;
  • Silicon: to help strengthen the joints ;
  • Selenium: for its antioxidant effects ;
  • Phosphorus ;
  • Lithium ;
  • Zinc, etc.

In other words, birch sap is a super food to be consumed as a cure as soon as the winter ends.

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