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CDL Best New Products of 2020


CDL Jug Collection

Durable and compact, the CDL jugs were designed for the reality of today’s maple syrup producers. Discover this new collection, which features a modern, vibrant and exclusive look while respecting the classic side of this great tradition. Available sizes: 4L, 2L, 1L, 500mL, 250mL and 100mL. Caps included.

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Vacuum Regulating Modulating Valve

CDL Monitoring System option for remote vacuum modulation. Improve vacuum management to prevent premature mainline freezing when temperature are close to 0 degrees C. Energy saving when the system is frozen or during the night when the sap is running very little. Better vacuum management. Can allow quicker sap flow at the beginning of the day for systems that are not tight.

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Ultrafiltration… Be a part of the next innovation in maple sugaring!

CDL quality standards and simplified operations. Designed and made for very fine filtration of maple sap, birch sap and concentrate. Eliminates bacteria, yeast and other organic particles from liquids. Improves sap and concentrate preservation time

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New CDLWESFAB Filter Presses

CDL and WESFAB combined their forces to come out with a new line of high quality filter presses to increase performance and improve the filtration process in your sugarhouse. Made entirely in North America. Light and compact construction. Easy to move. Available in 7, 10 and 15 inches.

Customize your filter press with our many options!




CDL Airtight Wood Venturi Evaporators

The new airtight high performance Venturi  evaporators have a unique artificial draft system allowing the intake of primary air at high pressure by suction. Simply and safely increase the evaporation performance of the evaporator with the Venturi Performance system developed by CDL.

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