Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

Double Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Double diaphragm vacuum pump (electric)
Up to 800 taps
Source : 120 volts

24 VDC double diaphragm vacuum pump
Up to 700 taps
Minimum of 12 hours of operation when used with 2x 12V DC 60 amp batteries.
Batteries not included.


  1. Pumps up to 22” Hg
  2. Works without a sap extractor
  3. Easy to use and very compact
  4. Liquid won't damage the pump
  5. Can run dry without problem
  6. Note: These pumps must be protected from freezing
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Product models
  • 669514Double diaphragm vacuum pump (electric)
  • 66952024 VDC double diaphragm vacuum pump
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