Hobby evaporators

Hobby evaporator

The CDL Hobby evaporator is designed for recreational producers who want to enjoy springtime, while boiling small quantities of maple sap to produce a few gallons of maple syrup per season. Good from 1 to 200 taps depending of the model, working with CDL equipment brings many advantages.

Syrup draw-off now fully reversible!


  1. Easy to use
  2. CDL quality assembly
  3. Fully reversible syrup draw-off
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Product models
  • 6700102WD18″ X 48″ Evaporator with 2-way flat pan (1 to 75 taps)
  • 6700102WP18″ X 48″ Evaporator with 18″ X 36″ flue pan and 18″ X 12″ syrup pan (50 to 125 taps)
  • 6700118″ x 60″ (left) 5″ flue pan (100 to 200 taps)
  • 67112WPAREPre-heating pan (available option)
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