Maple syrup barrels

CDL maple syrup barrels are designed according to the recommendations from the Federation of maple syrup producers and “Table Filière”.


  1. Easily stackable
  2. All lower joints completely welded
  3. Designed for the complete drainage of syrup or washing water
  4. Drip hole on top; No hole on the side
  5. Edges with pronounced curves facilitating the handling of the barrels.
  6. Same dimensions as conventional.
  7. Stackable.
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Product models
  • 6681913 gallons (15,7 US gallons)
  • 6681633 gallons (40 US gallons)
  • 66816145 gallons (55 US gallons)
  • 66842Personalized aluminum plate to identify your barrels. Dimensions : 4” x 2-1/4”
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