Spinseal welder

SpinSeal Welder

Perfect fusion without seal!

With Spinseal Welder, installation of fittings on your mainlines have never been quicker. Unique CDL Spinseal fitting facilitates the recycling of mainlines. The CDL SpinSeal fusion process eliminates leakage and improves long-term performance.

Save from $1.80 to $3.45 per lateral line compared to all other systems in the industry.

Product also available for purchase online.



  1. Eliminates leakage and improves long-term performance
  2. Installation of fittings on mainlines has never been quicker
  3. Facilitates the recycling of mainlines
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Product models
  • 730100Spinseal Welder
  • 7301015/16" spinseal drilling template with drill bit
  • 667327/32" drill bit for 5/16'' SpinSeal fittings
  • 669649/64" CDL drill bit for 3/16'' SpinSeal fittings
  • 660910595/16" grey SpinSeal plug
  • 660910615/16" SpinSeal blue fitting
  • 660910695/16" SpinSeal black fitting
  • 660910655/16" SpinSeal green fitting
  • 660910413/16" SpinSeal blue fitting
  • 660910493/16" SpinSeal black fitting
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